Joint DMV and GAMM Annual Meeting

In particular Session 11, "Interfacial Flows", will be of interest for members of the Priority Program 1740:

The understanding and control of interfacial phenomena is one of the main challenges in multiphase fluid mechanics, at the crossroads of scientific disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

Examples are particle-laden flows, bubble columns, flows with cavitation, jet atomization, casting, oil recovery, film, boiling and foaming flows, as well as spreading and dewetting of (complex) liquids and biofluids. All these systems are central for technological advances in the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, environmental and food industries. In addition, their behavior depends strongly on the typical time and length scales under consideration that are for example crucial for the development of micro and nano fluidics. In the latter case the validity of continuum fluid mechanics might be even questionable. The goal of this section is to provide an overview of the latest developments in this area, covering models at different scales, numerical, statistical and cognitive methods as well as experimental techniques but also surveying new physical insight and recent technical advancements.

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